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001: I suspect he wasn't using it anyhow.

002: Ceremorphosis leads to metamorphoses (note the obscure yet grammatically correct plural)

003: I see the light and wish I didn't.

004: Crawl before you walk.

005: Decerebration is a fun word.

006: LAND SQUIDS, ATTACK!! ...erm. Nevermind.

007: Enter the elf!

008: Aesop could've told you that.

009: The average tavern has a total of thirty-nine dark, angsty corners.

010: Barwenchman, barwenchman, does whatever a barwench can!

011: LtHM

012: Frieeeeeeeeeennnd.

013: I should be a writer!

014: I like that lizard.

015: Trademarks are deathmarks.

016: Hungry, hungry heroes.

017: Tastes likes chicken. EVERYTHING tastes likes chicken.


019: Half a ding-a-ling.

020: Beans, beans, the musical fruit...

021: There's something wrong with that elf.

022: No need to hug the tree - the tree hugs you!

023: Actually, I like beans.

024: Sasquashed?

025: Dismissal of angsty things.

026: Monochrome is fun!

027: The token cheaply produced dramatic showdown.

028: In which the halfling and the mind flayer race to the punchline.

029: The far side.

030: Time to reflect.

031: Better, or battier?

032: Not this shit again.

033: Shop 'til you drop... a punchline.

034: Japanese fetishes frighten tentacle-faced monsters.

035: Bye-bye butterfly

036: Good heavens!

037: Love at first - nevermind.

038: As plain as the tentacle on your face.

039: Enforcing stereotypes.

040: Damn you, inconveniently placed bookcases! DAAAMN YOUUUUUU!

041: Use stairs in case of fire and/or magical laziness.

042: And thus began the epic battle! I mean... err... cookies are good too.

043: In my mind, there is no difference.

044: You know another fun word? Defenestration.

045: Worse than piranhas!

046: Well I thought it was a clever disguise.

047: Fish like food.

Chapter One

048: Aesop and the crazy village lady agree with Ed here.

049: Haha, butt joke!

050: Hop-a-long halfling!

051: The quest for the perfect socks...

052: 5-page Sidecomic: Mind of a flayer.

053: I really hate questgivers sometimes.

054: I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

055: If it weren't for that inopportune little death, it would have been an alright day.

056: Insert bad shopping-related pun.

057: He's a happy elf!

058: Killing goblins... akin to kicking evil puppies?

059: Six Easy Steps

060: Holy cow it's the 60th comic!

061: School Daze! No, wait...

062: Women! - What am I saying, I am one! (Thanks, Velma!)

063: The color calls to me.

064: Screw you, heartwarming children's programming. If a dog shows up on MY front porch, I'm keeping the bugger. Original owners can go screw themselves.

065: Oh, I LIKE this one. Illithid are known for their angsty sleep patterns.

066: Charles Schulz's ghost is leaking through the floorboards! AAAHHH!!

067: I was tempted to kill this one with the saturation brush.

068: Happy happy joy joy!! God I hate that song.

069: I knew this day would come... 69! 69!! *giggles like a 12-year-old*

070: Of course they didn't have plastic back then... that bowl happens to be made out of, uh, adamantine (or is it adamantium?). Yes. It really looks like plastic. Betcha didn't know that.

071: If you don't remember the Evil Village Lady, I am ashamed of you.

072: Why everyone always raggin' on the gnomes, huh? Sure, they don't do anything elves and halflings can't already do better, and it's easy to forget they exist half the time but... come ooonnn.

073: I'm Walt Disneeyyyyyy!

074: Coloring this comic was like throwing ketchup over roadkill.

075: Those of you who only visit this comic for brain-sucking action may queue rejoicing... now.

076: The comic that killed the artist.

077: Fun with ink!

078: Ink=bad idea. Back to openCanvas for meee. And no shiny new artist, either.

079: No, not openCanvas either! GO PHOTOSHOP

Filler, Extras and Past Vote Incentives

By reader request and author laziness!

The first incentive, a sketchy conception for a layout.

In a moment of desperation, I take the path of lazy self-insertion!

My Blind Date II comic with the writer of Plus One Comics. Run, Flayer, run!!

Davy Jones Flayer... this was up for way too long. Horrible.